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There are various platforms tokeep up to date on detailed and current news about the project at CenterPrime. There are also various channels where you can talk to members in real time and receive technical resources . Below is a list of the official channels that CenterPrime operates. Please check the progress of the project through these URLs. CenterPrime never asks for your password, seed phrase, private key, or other confidential information.

*Official Channels
Telegram (Community):
For support and other requests please contact us through CenterPrime's official email: [email protected]
Always make sure the person you are communicating with on our official channels is a trusted and verifiable ID. If you cannot verify, contact us through Email.
CenterPrime is a project to connect the real world with the Defi world. We are implementing a hybrid blockchain by connecting all services in the real world such as finance, investment, insurance, auction, real estate, tax, etc. through fintech open banking and hyper ledger private chain. As a result, we are breaking down the boundaries between industries, discovering new industries, and growing them.
Oracle DeFi is a new world that connects the real economy and the DeFi economy. It chains the traditional financial open banking network that serves various industries, connects multi-cross-chain networks, and connects the two industries that were thought to be different industries. We propose a new technical standard for a new industry and will lead the explosive growth of the industry by connecting with existing industries.


Oracle Perceptron Neuron Asset is a protocol that combines entrusted and non-trusted assets into one through a combination of each functional layer. Neuron assets compare the value of an asset to a single fiduciary and non-trusted asset, thus maximizing the predictability. The predictable asset value of neuron assets is expressed by dividing the net asset value and profit value.
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you can check the white paper on the official website:
Oracle Perceptron Operator is a protocol that runs the services provided by corporations through a chain network composed of hyper ledger, and allows the enterprise to operate a private chain separately. It is a system that provides fintech services for linking traditional financial assets and DeFi assets, and also provides functional token use by matching chain code function names with NFT token smart contracts and unique numbers.
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you can check the white paper on the official website:
Oracle Perceptron Gateway is a system that enables payments requested by on-chain stores, a form of online store, as the existing industry changes and expands. It is a system that provides online payment and settlement services in the form of DeFi along with payments and settlements in the traditional financial economy through smart contracts.
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you can check the white paper on the official website:
Oracle Perceptron Explorer checks the user's browser and OS in the chain network and records the retrieved block and hash values. Through this, it is easy to track the network belonging to the cross-chain. All information generated in the real economy and digital economy such as neuron asset creation, exchange, wallet creation, payment, payment, etc. is managed and recorded in an integrated manner.
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you can check the white paper on the official website:


CenterPrime is working on various projects to build the Oracle DeFi ecosystem. The full list of roles we are hiring for can be found on the career page.