NFT Token and IPFS(InterPlanetary File System) Link Metadata

Digital contents and NFT is connected by metadata. However in the case of metadata, since contents associated with open token URI are stored in IPFS, metadata of digital contents can be easily copied, enabling random issuance of NFTs. Metadata contains IPFS’s route, in other words token URI, which is storing digital contents.

Original Content NFT Token Auto Mint

There are hacking and unallowed copying happening to re-issue NFTs illegaly. To solve these problems, CenterPrime provides following steps, 1st, Watermark Insertion at the contents. 2nd step, Artist verification. 3rd step, Smart contract consolidation and distribution to protect original contents’ copyright and ownership.

Digital content provider’s NFT verification cannot be verified through Dapp

Because of NFT metadata hacking, which makes NFT re-issuance randomly, breaks down NFT values. CenterPrime solves this problem by validating contents’values and reliability from contents provider company.

Dapp verification structure for NFT verification of digital content providers