The oracle perceptron wallet provides a convenient and reliable user experience (UX) through digital certification of Private Key Infrastructure (PKI) which integrates the private key and the public key.

Enterprise Wallet

An enterprise wallet can hold a variety of products and services provided by the enterprise. An owner wallet of an NFT token that can issue an NFT token that tokenize assets such as products and services provided by enterprises. It also provides the function that archive or trade issued NFT tokens. In addition, NFT tokens can be sent to Personal Wallets to form a chain infrastructure. Enterprises will provide users with an improved user experience by trading and exchanging tokens between wallets and providing services through NFT tokens, and will lay the foundation for providing reliability and security as the platform expands.

Personal Wallet

It is a synthetic asset-based asset that connects various underlying assets and token assets, making it easy for individuals to store and trade, and the private keys of various basic assets can be managed through digital certificates (PKI). Unlike the enterprise wallet, private keys in personal wallets are relatively vulnerable to the possibility of loss or hacking because individuals manage them, so a digital certificate (PKI) in the form of an integrated key pair is required.